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v, l, 8fa, qd, nh, Where to Find Alpacas in Ontario – Alpacas In Canada
Where to Find Alpacas in Ontario

Alpacas are one of the cutest animals on the planet. Their fluffy body filled with wool and those inquisitive eyes make them one of a kind species. The alpacas are mostly found in Canada, especially in the farms in Ontario. One of the reasons why alpacas are so highly bred is for their wool. Alpaca wool is very expensive. They are soft and are available in a wide range of colors.

Characteristics of alpacas

Alpacas have several individual characteristics that are worth sharing. There have been many stories from the farm owners in Ontario about the herd of alpacas in their farm and it is fascinating to see how animals can have such incredible traits in them without any kind of training. One of the character traits that were brought to the forefront of the owner of Meadowview Alpaca Farm in Ontario is that these animals are extremely curious and alert. When a new alpaca ins introduced to the herd, all the others come together to greet the new guy. They will nuzzle, cluck, and sniff the new alpaca and soon it will become one of the herd members.

However, alpacas are also quite aware of their surroundings. They remain alert all the time. That is why a dominant alpaca will cry out loud and alert the other alpacas if there is a dog or other unknown animal near their fence. All the alpacas will come together and stay close to each other.

Another interesting story that the owner of Harmony Meadows Alpaca, Ontario shared is that these animals are incredibly friendly and they are very intelligent. It is almost as if they want you to love them and you will not be able to resist but give them a cuddle even from the outside of the fence. The herd of alpacas will come to greet whenever there is a new visitor. They will even surround the owners and the visitors when they come inside the fence and if you have a carrot or a handful of grains, they will not want to leave you.

Also, alpacas are quite intelligent and can be trained quite easily. They have the ability to recognize people quickly and adapt to new conditions without any difficulty. There are handlers who have the job of weaning and that can be difficult if the alpaca is not cooperating. But that does not happen in most of the cases. Since the alpacas can recognize people easily, the handler is introduced with the herd first. The weaning starts after a couple of sessions. There are times when a herd of alpacas has to be transported from one farm in Ontario to another. The owner and the handler make the alpacas train on how to get into the trailer first before transporting them.

One of the most popular farms in Ontario, Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch has a huge farm where alpacas are bred. It has also become a tourist spot because of the cute alpacas all around. In fact, the owner of the farm says that the alpacas are quite calm. They do not create any ruckus when the owner is not around. A great display of their character is their calmness. Once they are familiar with the people around them, they will roam around peacefully without shouting or anything. As the owner, he feels very relaxed when the herd is around him. If the herd is grazing somewhere and they see someone they recognize, they will come and greet before going back to what they were doing.

Alpacas in Ontario also love a routine life like cats. If you feed them in the morning, leave them out in the afternoon and then give them lunch, they will follow that routine religiously. There are several alpacas that require special attention and they know when the handler will arrive. They will never cry out loud when the others in the herd are being attended by the owner or the handler. This also goes to show how well-behaved and patient they are.

It is hard to find animals that have so many quality traits in them. The fact that there are so many alpaca farms in Ontario shows how important this animal is for so many people.

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