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For An Alpaca – Alpacas In Canada
What Makes A Good Home For An Alpaca

Alpaca are a loving and very trusting animal, but they are not the perfectly suited animal for everyone. Since this is the case, people will want to know more about what really is going to make a good home for an alpaca and how they can raise them. Once you start to explore this information it will be very easy for you to know if your home would be a good fit for alpacas or if you should consider a different animal. No matter what, it is always very important for you to do all of your homework before you go and buy any animals or you could end up shocked at the amount of work involved in caring for the animals.

Land To Roam

The alpacas are native to the mountains of Peru and Bolivia, but they are also a herd type of animal. In fact, most reputable alpaca breeders will recommend you get a minimum of two alpacas at first to keep each other company as they are a herd animal. However, when it comes to the land to roam, you will find some studies say that you can keep several alpaca on a quarter of an acre. Other studies suggest you have a quarter of an acre of pasture land per animal. The key thing that you will find is you can keep alpaca on a smaller plot of land if you provide ample feed to the animals and hay as well.

A Loving Family

Alpacas may be compared to cats with how standoffish they can be seen. However, just like the old parables of the shepherd and the sheep knowing eah other that is going to hold true with alpaca as well. The more loving you are to the animals the less likely they are going to be standing aloof from you like a cat and the more likely they will be to come up to you. So you will want to make sure you are going to have a loving and welcoming family. This does not mean that you have to stand out with the animals all the time, but it does mean you will want to go out and spend some time with them so they get to know you and trust you.

Proper Shelter

Just like you would find with any of the livestock type of animals you need to have the proper shelter for the animals. The best part for an alpaca is you can use a three sided lean to if you need a quick shelter. However, what you will find is this is going to be important for you to have in place before you get the animals.

In addition to the proper shelter, like a barn or lean to, you will want to have a fenced pasture. The pasture will need to have a no climb type of fencing as it will make it harder for the alpaca to get out. While you may have read that electric fencing and barbed wire will work, you need to realize the alpacas generally will not feel this through the coat and could see this only as a tug with the barbed wire and a nusiane with the electric fencing.

Ample Water Supplies

Water is one item that you will need to have quite a bit of available. Alpaca do not drink as much water as a cow, pig, or other livestock, but they do drink a lot. So you will want to consider the fact that your animals will need ample water supplies available. This can easily be solved by getting buckets that are meant for livestock and this will help you in getting the proper watering amounts available to the animals.

Buying an alpaca is very rewarding and exciting for multiple reasons. However, what you may find is you need to know more about what will make a good home for alpacas. By knowing what is going to make a good home for the alpaca it will be very easy for you to find out if your home is going to be a good fit for the alpacas or if you need to consider a different animal to add into your family.

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