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6, iu, e71, 1qt, 1v, b, The 5 Best Alpaca Farms To Visit in Canada – Alpacas In Canada
The 5 Best Alpaca Farms To Visit in Canada

Alpacas are just adorable. Their goofy eyes hidden beneath their wooly face will make you want to adopt one as soon as it comes near you. They are a delight to watch. With the herd strolling around in the fence and coming over to you to get some carrot or grain, you can do this the whole day without getting tired. It is said that a yoga class with a goal is one way to experience the maximum amount of animal cuteness. But that saying will be wronged once you visit one of the alpaca farms in Canada. Wondering which one to visit first? Here are the top 5 alpaca farms that should be on your list:

1. Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch

Starting with the farm that has the largest herds of alpacas, the Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch is one of the best farms in Canada. Being a family-run farm that is just 3 hours from Toronto, this place is an absolute delight for animal lovers. You will find about 60 to 75 alpacas on the farm going about doing their business, and as soon as they see someone new, they will come over to greet you. The owner is an amazing person, and it is advised that you make a booking to see the farm before coming over. If you are longing to spend an afternoon in the calmness of a farm and amongst a herd of very peaceful animals, then this is the place to be.

2. Meadowview Alpaca Farm

Isn’t it wonderful when you run your fingers on the body of an alpaca? The wool feels so soft in the hand, and you wish you had some garments that were made from this wool. That wish is about to come true if you visit the Meadowview Alpaca Farm in Canada. It has got a huge number of alpacas, about 165 of them and the farm is a treat to watch. You will also find an amazing shop just adjacent to the farm where you can buy garments, toys, yarn, and bedding that are made from pure alpaca wool. The farm is exactly within the vicinity of proper Canada. You will have to go to Sault St. Marie to find this farm.

3. Hickory Lane Alpacas

Another gem of a farm where you will find some of the most adorable alpacas, the Hickory Lane Alpacas will make you want to stay in the farm for a few days because of the scenic beauty and the incredibly cute alpacas. This farm is also family-owned and is just a two hour’s drive from Toronto. The owner allows the visitors to get inside the firm and spend some time with the alpacas. You can also explore the huge farm and cuddle the alpacas and feed them carrots if you want. Since there are 24 alpacas on this farm, you can get to know each one of them and also spend the rest of the time with the other barn animals and the horses.

4. Split Rock Farms

This farm is quite close to Toronto, and you just have to drive a couple of hours to the west to reach the Split Rock Farms. This place is the ideal place to spend an afternoon. With so many alpacas around, your afternoon will go away in the blink of an eye. Once you have spent your time with the alpacas, you can visit the farm store too where there are locally made goods available.

5. SAMY’S Alpaca Farm

Probably the most heartwarming farm that you will ever come across, SAMY’S Alpaca Farm is a two-hour drive from the city. This farm loves to have visitors around. The fence is such that it feels like the alpacas are roaming around in the garden of the house. One of the best things about this farm is that you can put a leash around an alpaca and take it for a walk down the county lanes. That is one experience you will never want to miss.

Now that you have the top 5 alpaca farms in Canada, plan your trip in a way that will cover all these farms within your duration of stay. The experience will be unique, that’s a guarantee.

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