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Alpacas Make Good Pets – Alpacas In Canada
5 Reasons Alpacas Make Good Pets

Are you thinking about buying an alpaca, but you’re not sure whether or not they make good pets? The truth is that they do make good pets, but why do they exactly make good pets? There are many reasons why they make good pets, and the top ones are:

1. Their Fleece Is Hypoallergenic

One of the reasons alpacas make great pets is their fleece, which is extremely soft. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how soft it is when you touch it for the very first time. Their fleece is not only soft, but it is extremely hypoallergenic, which is not the case with other similar animals.

You can pet and hug an alpaca, all without worrying about your skin turning red or being itchy or sneezing. Furthermore, the fleece is actually resistant to flame and it’s water resistant. If you’re looking for a farm pet that won’t cause you to breakout in allergy symptoms, then look no further than an alpaca.

2. Eventually They Bond With Owners

Some people are under the impression that alpacas don’t bond too well with their owners, but this isn’t true at all. Just like with other animals that are kept as pets, it takes time to build trust. As long as you take care of your alpaca and they get used to you being around, eventually they will learn to trust you.

Give it a bit of time and they’ll be receptive to your touch and contact. As for how they compare to other pets, they are more similar to cats, and they will typically let you hug them, pet their backs and neck. Furthermore, it’s worth pointing out that most alpacas are more receptive to kids than they are to adults. As for how long it takes for an alpaca to trust you, this depends on various factors.

3. Their Personality

Another reason why alpacas make good pets is their personalities, which can vary from one alpaca to another alpaca. Generally speaking, some alpacas enough being playful, while others are shy and others are extremely confident and determined. One thing they all have in common is that they are fun to be around and spend time with, but do be aware that alpacas are curious animals and they want to know what is happening in their areas at all times.

Do you want a pet that has a unique personality? How about one that will love being around you as much as you love being around them? Of course you do, which is why you should consider getting an alpaca.

4. Alpacas Are Easy To Train

Many animals are difficult to train and you can easily spend hours per week and not get any meaningful results. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with alpacas and you might be surprised at how easy they are to train. In fact, if you have kids, they should be able to train an alpaca using a halter and a leash. Furthermore, alpacas are good at navigating the areas they are walking in and can overcome many types of obstacles, such as bales of hay that stand in their way, small fences and things of that nature.

Here’s a tip, try to spend a lot of time training your alpaca the first week you have your alpaca. Ongoing training might be required, but generally speaking they pick up on things fast. Before you know it, you’ll have a well-trained alpaca.

5. They Are Clean

Believe it or not, but alpacas care about their hygiene and they do their best to keep themselves as clean as possible. Even though they are a farm animal, they are quite clean, which makes them the perfect pet for those who don’t like cleaning their animals on a regular basis. Many animals leave their droppings in many places and picking up after them can be a hassle, but don’t worry because you will likely not be doing this if you get an alpaca for a pet.

Remember, alpacas do require a lot of care, so only get one if you’re up for the task. There are both pros and cons of owning an alpaca, but as you can see there are a lot of reasons why they make good pets. All you have to do now is decide whether or not to get one.

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